My Ultimate Winter Skincare Favorites

It got pretty cold this week in Germany. And during winter my skin is suffering because of the climate and the dry indoor air. This winter I finally found some products that are doing a great job and my skin actually never looked better. So I thought I would show you my all time favorite products to put on your face to survive the cold winter. Before I start I just want to mention that I have dry skin that tends to break out sometimes. I would also say that it is quite sensitive. So let me introduce you the products:

Mizellen-Technologie, Pflegendes Gesichtswasser from Rival de Loop: I am using this tonic in the morning and in the afternoon. What I think is absolutely great is the fact that it doesn´t have alcohol in it. So it doesn´t leave my skin dry at all. Another great feature is that it contains salicylic acid, which prevents my skin of break outs, again without stripping my skin. Recently Rival de Loop relaunched this tonic. Actually I liked the old one better, because it contained even less ingredients, but the new one does the job just as well with the plus that it has micellar technology in it. Last but not least it is vegan and with 0,79 € really affordable.

Rêve de Miel from Nuxe: This is probably one of the most famous lip care product in the whole world, and you heard a lot of people raving about it, but I tell you what: It is doing miracles. At least to my lips. I use it especially before I go to bed and slap a good amount on my sore lips and viola, the next morning they feel heavenly. In general honey is a absolute super food, so if you don´t have the Nuxe lip balm just put a bit of honey on your lips and leave it on for while. This product just has natural ingredients and no silicons in it. For me that an absolute must for a lip care product. Lip products which contain silicons don´t do anything for your lips.
Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Treatment from Olay: When it´s about luminosity and glow, I am all in. And this serum does what it claims. When my skin has a dull moment, this product helps me to give it a boost in terms of luminosity and helps to dark marks to fade away more quickly. I use it in the mornings and and in the evening. Since I am using this serum my skin got so much better and looks much fresher. The texture is very light and milky. It sinks in to my skin very quickly without leaving a weird feeling on my skin. The only thing I am not so keen about is the scent. It actually does smell very nice, but I prefer products without any fragrances because it is better for the skin. But as it works so well on my skin, I can look past that.

Almond Soothing Facial Cream from Weleda: This is THE moisturizer for the winter. It is meant to be for sensitive skins that tend to redness, irritations and dry skin. My skin can get a bit crazy during winter time. But this product balances all out. It helps me with redness, hyper pigmentation and dry patches. At first I was a bit skeptical because it is a quite thick cream which contains alcohol. I was afraid to get break outs and even more dry skin due to the alcohol. But nothing like that happened. Please, don´t get fooled because of the alcohol. Organic products usually don´t use chemical preservatives, so the products need alcohol to preserve the ingredients. The big difference is that the alcohol they use Most of the organic products use alcohol to preserve the natural ingredients.The big difference to non organic products is that the alcohol is a natural one. Natural alcohol doesn´t irritate the skin as it does chemical alcohol. All in all Weleda is a brand that I absolutely adore. I love their products and their philosophy and I want to try a lot more of their products. The next on my list is the famous Skin Food.

Additon Concentré Éclat Corps from Clarins: I couldn´t live without this product anymore. I have very pale skin, sometimes my face even more, depends on the time I need to get up. You cannot imagine how many times I got asked if I am sick, because apparently I looked sicked due to my paleness. Don´t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong to be pale, but in my case I sometimes really had the Grunge look. So I discovered the self-tanner from Clarins. I have the version for the body, but I use it on my face too. For my face I use 2-3 drops, mixing it with the Olay serum. Around to hours later I look much healthier. It isn´t noticeable that I have put on some self-tanner, I just get compliments for my fresh looking appearance. Compliments like this, really make my day. The product is quite pricy but you don´t need a lot so it will last you for ages. Most of the self-tanners leave the typical funky smell on the skin. With this product I need to say that there is a tiny bit of a smell but nothing compared to other products I have tried. For me it´s just a fabulous product.

Now this were my go to skin care products for the winter time. Maybe I could give you some inspiration and please let me know your favorite skin care products for the winter.

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