The Thing About Luxurious Chanel Lipsticks

In this post I want to write about luxurious Chanel lipsticks and their spell they cast on some women, including myself. My only luxirious lipstick I own is a Chanel one. The lipstick is from their Rouge Coco Shine range in the color Boy. One of their classics which launched in 2011. Like every Chanel lipstick, the name has a special meaning. Also with this one. Boy was the nickname of Arthur Edward, one of Gabrielle Chanel´s boyfriends. It is a very hyped product, which almost every beauty blogger raved about. If I remember me correctly, the gorgeuse Fleur was wearing this particular shade on her wedding day. Since that day the hype about this lipstick got insane. But in this post I didn´t want to write specifically about the color Boy, I wanted to talk about lipsticks from Chanel. What´s the deal about them?

For me lipstick = make up. When you ask me about make up I always think of lipstick first. To me lipstick represents all other make up, more than mascara, blush or eye shadow. I always wanted to own a fancy chanel lipstick for a couple of years now and last year I finally did it. I purchased mine in the duty-free shop at the airport. Normally the lipstick would cost about 33€ in Germany, at the airport it was “just” 27€. For me this was a really good deal. And I am really happy about this purchase. Although I need to say that still think that it is a little bit pricy for a sheer neutral lipstick, but well, it´s Chanel. I really do love the color, it is a rosy nude which is perfect for using everyday and which suite a lot of skin types. It goes on very smoothly, has actually pretty good lasting power and has a super glossy finish. All in all really great.

And now here comes the thing: When I put the lipstick on, I already feel different, a bit more special. I don´t want to say that just pricy goods can make you feel special, that is not the case. But there is something about the lipstick that makes me feel like Cinderella. I wore this lipstick quite a lot and almost everytime I where it, I get asked which kind of lipstick I am wearing. That´s always nice to hear. And when I put it on in front of other women I can see the craving in their eyes.

I do agree, that some high-end lipsticks have a lot of times more to offer than drugstore ones, speaking of shade range and lasting power, but the rest comes just from the mind. In my opinion it is a logical consquence that you feel like a princess if you were a lipstick that is more on the pricy side. But for me it was also the brand itself. Chanel is a label with a long tradition and Coco Chanel was a incredible strong women, which is and always will be one of my heroines. So I think all this together makes the magic. Now it is your turn: I would like to know what you are thinking about Chanel lipssticks and if you have the same feeling as me?

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