Top 5 French Pharmacy Skincare Products

The one´s that not so many talk about

There is a huge hype about skincare products from the French pharmacy. And I´m joining the club, because a lot of products I´ve tried really worked for me. The first time I´ve used French skincare at the age of 13, when I was getting into puberty and my skin was getting more and more problematic. Here in Germany the products are quite common and the ranges are broad. And if there should be a product which isn´t available in Germany I order it online at Monge Pharmcie. There they have amazing prices and ship almost worldwide. And when you are in Paris, you should go to their branch at Place Monge. They always have special offers and it is not so crowded like the famous Citypharma. So here we go, my five most beloved products from the land of wine and cheese and of course great skincare.

1.CAUDALIE Overnight Renewal Cream

This cream is one of my newest discoveries. It´s a pretty thick one and therefor perfect for my night routine. It claims, to refine your pores and to tighten the skin. And I need to say, that it really does. I didn´t test it during wintertime, but for the summer it just great.

2.DUCRAY Keracnyl Triple-action Mask

If you need one masque in your life, than it should be this one. It is my forever favourite when my skin´s not looking good and pimples are showing up. It doesn´t dry my skin out, but at the same time it is so effective against spots. This product is a great, great recommendation of mine.

3.URIAGE Hyséac Paste SOS

The name says it all, this product is my rescuer in desperate skin situation. One in a while I tend to get huge spots which can heard really badly. And another problem is that they stay quite long and nothing helps to make them disappear. But his little guy does the job amazingly. Put one tiny bit on the spot and a couple of hours later it is gone. And there is nothing but clear skin.

4.URIAGE Xemose Body Cream

For all the girls and guys with sensitive skin, this is the body lotion I absolutely adore. It soothes my itchiness on my arms and it makes my skin really soft and it feels super nourished without leaving a sticky film on the skin. The lotion is designed to help against the symptoms of atopic eczema.

5.AVÈNE Cleanance Hydra Soothing Cleasing Cream

This cleasing cream was created for oily and blemish-prone skin which is undergoing acne treatments. I don´t have such a treatment going on right now, but I love to use this cleanser because of its gentleness. I use all year round, especially in the morning. It leaves my skin clean without stripping it. For me that´s the most important property for a cleansing product.

This were my most beloved skincare items from French pharmacy brands. Hope you enjoyed it. As I am always in the market for new products I would like to know your favourite skincare product from France. Please, let me know in the comments below.

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