My Current Fitness Routine

Exercising and improving my fitness was on top of my resolution list for the New Year. Back in December I already made a membership at a gym near by my house, to prepare myself mentally and of course physically to my upcoming fitness journey in the next year. At this point I need to mention that it isn´t a must to go to the gym to work out, don´t get me wrong, but for me it was the right point to join a gym. During the summer I kept myself motivated working out, but as the colder months came I got more and more lazy and always blamed the bad weather for stopping me do my running although the sun was shining outside. So I decided to give the gym a chance.

During December I just tried to improve my cardio So I did a lot of running on the tread mill. Nothing really I was keen about. But this since the beginning of the year I am taking my fitness routine very seriously. What I am especially passionate about are Kayla Itsine´s Bikini Body Guides. I am following her on Instagram for a while now and always get so motivated seeing so many gorgeous ladies transforming using Kayla´s guide. And now I want to be a part of this great movement. Last year I already joined the club. I was doing the first Bikini Body Guide for almost 3 months, but after a lot of stressful times due to university I didn´t stick with the guides. But this time it for real.

I don´t want to go in too much detail describing the exercises, because you can read that on Kayla Itsine´s page But what I want to tell you that it is a training on a high intensity level that in the ideal way should only take 28 minutes. Just to say that right away: I am not able to do the exercises in that short amount of time, because I always need some small breaks during exercises which you should´t, but I am not ready yet. The exercises are really tough and sometimes I think that I am very close to pass out, but I always try to do all the required repetitions. And believe me I am red like a tomato after the circuits. But besides enormous redness and my gasping, I am feeling really happy and pleased. When I am just doing some cardio I don´t have that feeling of happiness, that what I like so much about exercises of the Bikini Body Guides. On three days you should do the High Intensity Training and on the other days you should do a training which much lower intensity. For this part I love to go swimming. It clears my mind and it relaxes me. On the days where I am not doing the 28 min. sessions I am doing the Low Intensity Training 2-3 times a week.

When I have a really good day I include some weight-training exercises. I have the great advantage that my lovely boyfriend made a small routine for me including weight, targeting may body parts that I want to improve. This would be worth another blog post. This is something I thought I never would be interested in but it is actually a lot of fun. To finish my week and to recharge my batteries at the same time I am doing some Yoga on the weekend. This is a nice ritual which helps me to balance my body and mind.

In the upcoming weeks I keep you updated and let you know how much closer I came to get my bikini body. Now I would like to read what kind of fitness routine you guys have. I would love to read it in your comments below.

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