Red Lips And Bronze Eyes: Make Up Look With Drugstore Products

Red Lip Bronze Eye

Last week I posted a picture on Instagram about my favorite red lipstick at the moment. Its from Astor and it is from their Soft Sensation range. The color is called Tulip Kisses*. Perfect for this time of the year, when you can buy tulips at every corner in, almost every color. In this post I want to show you what kind of products I´ve used to create a beautiful make up look with a focus on the lips and a bronze eye. For this look I just used products from the drugstore.

The color of the lipstick is pretty intense and bright, so I wanted to keep the rest of the make up quite neutral, but with a bit of a twist. Before I will go into detail with the other products, I quickly want to describe the lipstick in depth. The color is a vivid red with a pink undertone, which would suite a lot of skin types. A shade that was missing in my collection. Further it has got a creamy consistency and feels very moisturizing on the lips. Because of the creaminess I would suggest to use a lip liner for less smudging and a cleaner look. The finish is matte with a bit of a shine. I personal don’t mind, that it is not completely matte, because I have quite dry lips and matte lipsticks leave them even more dry. Although the lipstick is creamy it stays on the lips for quite a while. It wears off evenly, and doesn’t leave me with a weird line on my outer lip contour. All in all, the lipstick is already a huge favorite of mine. Let´s go into detail:

Lip liner: As I mentioned before, for this lipstick it is better to use a lip liner. I decided to go for the P2 Perfect Lipliner in 141 Volcano. The lip liners and the colors from this range are just amazing. I have a couple of other colors, which are all super long lasting. Another amazing thing is, that they don´t dry out your lips. The shade Volcano is a true red, maybe with a slight orange tone to it. The liner is a really good match for the lipstick and helps to achieve a neat look.

Bronzer: One of my all time favorite bronzers is from H&M in the shade Gorgeous Tan. H&M is not the typical drugstore brand but some of their products are just fabulous and affordable, like this bronzer. The one that I have is quite warm toned, so it helps to warm up face. For this look I didn´t do any contouring, I just wanted to look fresh and a bit sun kissed. The bronzer has a gorgeous shimmer which gives you a bit of glow. The bronzer I have is in the old packaging, before H&M relaunched their beauty line. So I don´t know if the formulation of the new bronzers are the same as mine, because I´ve didn´t try one of those, but I just read positive reviews about them.

Highlighter: When it comes to highlighter my heart beats faster. I love using highlighter. The one I choose for this look was from Lavera. It is their cream highlighter in number 02 Shining Pearl*. The rosy shimmer is very pretty. There are no chunky shimmer particles in it. The highlighter just leaves a great sheen on your cheeks. I really prefer cream highlighter, because they look more natural on the skin.

Eyeshadow: For my eyes a wanted something more subtle but still glamorous. I found this beautiful bronze eyeshadow from Manhattan. The shade I´ve used is a Multi Effect Eyeshadow in 92Q Frappucino* and it´s a It was exactly what I was searching for. Nothing to intense but still notable on the lids. I put this all over the lid and for a kind and in the crease I used the H&M bronzer. Very simple and easy.

Eyeliner: I am obsessed with the Waterproof Color Liner from Misslyn. One of the best eyeliners I´ve ever tried. They are buttery, easy to apply, but still super long lasting. And the colors are absolutely amazing. The color I have is new and its called Mille Grazie* (lovely name). It from their Viva La Diva edition. For me it is a very beautiful copper shade. I apply it on my lower lash line, to give the look a little extra something without over doing it. I am really happy with my purchase and I will definitely buy some more colors and try some of the other products from Misslyn. The other eyeliner I´ve used was to fill out my upper water line. I did this with the Eye Artist Luxury Kajal from Astor. The is called Deep Black*. I personally feel really awkward applying eyeliner to my upper water line, but it makes a significant difference. So I always try to use a eyeliner with a good color pay off without the need of putting too much pressure on your upper water liner. In terms of duration the eyeliner could do a better performance.

Mascara: You may know that mascara is a kind of controversial topic. Not every mascara works for everybody, so I just want to mention quickly the one I used for this make up look. This is again from Essence and its their Lash Princess Mascara I don´t have the longest lashes, but this mascara makes them super long and defined. Nothing I would grab for on a daily bases but definitely something for the evenings.

Brows: Let´s talk brows. Brows are super important to me. I like them to be quite natural and thick. For this look I like to use the Maybelline Brow Satin in Dark Blond*. It creates very natural lines, which are similar to my natural hair color. With this I fill in some sparse areas and make them a little bit bolder. I just use the side with the fine nib, not the powder on the other side. To finish my brows, I use the Eyebrow Filler from Catrice in 010. This product help to keep my brows to stay in place without making them too crispy and the color is also a good match for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe discovered some new products from the drugstore. And please, let me know in the comments about your favorite lipstick at the moment.

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