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Fashion Cravings: The Workout Edition

Fashion Cravings Workout Edition

Since I have started my fitness routine I am really into nice and fashionable workout clothes. I hit the gym regularly and work out almost every day. So I am constantly in need for some new wardrope additions. In this post I want to show you some pieces I am currently casting an eye over. The look I have put together is focusing on the jacket. As the jacket is pretty colorful and bright the rest of the pieces are more basic and monochrome.

1. Firebird Jacket from Adidas Originals: Sporty jackets are absolutely trendy right now and not just for wearing it to the gym but also on the streets. The flowery pattern and the color combination of this one is just gorgeous and makes it stand out among the other more classical sports jackets. Just the right amount of a pop of color for the gym or my more casual street outfits.

2. Tights from Reebok: I need to admit, that the colorful tights which are all over the place right now are not my thing. On others I think they are absolutely great but on me… uuumm NO. But nonetheless I want to wear some cool tights with a special something. And than I saw these tights. They are exactly what I am looking for. Black and subtle but still different due to the mesh stripes.

3. Tank Top from H&M: I am really loving their collection of sportswear at the moment. They have great pieces with affordable prices. And still, the quality is pretty good. As I am going to the gym so often, I need a lot of clothes and I am not always willing to buy a shirt for 35 bucks for a top, so H&M is a great alternative.

4. Studio Trainer 2 from Nike: Following the trend of white sneakers, these trainers a just a classic shoe for workouts. Plain and simple, nothing fancy, no gadgets. And that´s exactly what I am looking for when I do the BBG or some weight lifting. On days were I do some running (or let´s say fast walking), I wear trainers which give me more support. But on other workout days, these would be perfect.

5. Bra from Puma: Personally, I think a good sports bra is the most important thing. For me, a bra that fits perfectly is crucial. The bras from Puma are great. Even though they support the breast very well, they are comfortable to wear. They are almost seamless and they are quite budget friendly in comparison to other activewear brands. Please take my advice and invest in some quality bras. It makes such a difference.

6. Gloves from Casall: With this accessory I am channeling my inner bad-ass Betty. I do quite a lot of weight lifting, so my hands get pretty red and sore. So I am in desperate need of some gloves to protect my paws. Finding some nice gloves for ladies is quite hard. The one I saw were too colorful or had weird patterns. For an accessory like the gloves, I want something that I can wear to all my other workout outfits. And with this pair I found the perfect ones. They are black with a little bit of suede that makes them look quite chic and feminine. They will find their way to my sports bag very soon.

These were my workout pieces I am craving at the moment. I hope you enjoyed the read and please let me know what you think about my selection. Also, I would like to know which kind of brand is your favorite for some active wear.

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