Getting My Blog Journey Started

Hello and welcome everybody! I finally took the leap and started a blog as well. I know, I know… there are tons of fish in the great ocean of lifestyle blogs. A lot of people already  showing what is going on in there lifes, and what they are into. And now I am also in the game. This is exactly what I like so much about writing a blog. Through a blog everybody gets the chance to express themselves in the way they want to and to get creative.

I am so excited to have my own space where I can be my own director and editor, where I can let my creativity flow. As my blog title indicates I want to tell you stories, experiences that I had, my favorite things and a lot more stuff what comes to my mind. What I am absolutely passionate about, is traveling. So you will read a lot about my stays and experiences in other countries. The feeling of discovering new places, meeting new people giving me new perspectives is just mind opening. I recently discovered my passion for photography and now I am going to try to take artsy and atmospheric photos as well. Let´s see if I can master the challenge of fancy photography.

All in all, I am very exciting to start this great project. Although I am the storyteller I want to be a space of exchange and dialogues, where you can share me your experiences, your opinions and your thoughts. I really hope you join me during my ride and let´s see where the journey takes us. Let´s get the party started.

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