Motivation Monday #2: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Day

In today´s post I want to write about how to get the most out of your day and how I try to do get things done. There are many theories about how to structure your day. But all the planning and theories are worth nothing, when your are not actually taking action. Make the first step to realize your goals. At the same time you have the possibility to create your life actively and not let anybody else or other circumstances get control over your life. Live in the moment. That means that you should not live in the past, and don´t think about opportunity you´ve missed. Look into the future. To look into future also means to look into the near future. Don´t make plans which lie way to far ahead. Sometimes it is better to take baby steps to achieve your goals and dreams.

Time is precious and days can be short. We need to make them count. Every minute is important and at this point planning is our best friend. At the moment I need to plan my days out by myself. With this I mean, that I have no orientation giving to me from outside. I there is a lack of pressure So I need to be my own boss, which can be though sometimes. What helps me to plan out my day is a master plan. I divide my day into phases, each 1,5 to 2 hours. That gives me a kind of a framework and orientation. There I determine my specific goals for every phase. Between the phases I also set myself breaks, which are important parts of the day. When you take breaks take them conscientiously. Go away from the place you work and don´t think about the tasks which are still ahead of you. Spread your mind and get new energy for the upcoming things to do. Let me tell the most important facts for a well organized day:

1. Sum-up of the task which are lying in front of you.
2. Set priorities and work strictly according to them. (What tasks do I want to have out of the way
3. Bundle tasks up
4. Calculate a little extra time into your day for unexpected things
5. End your day with a resume and think about tomorrow´s tasks

To make this points a bit clearer I will show my plan for organizing may day.

6.00-8.00: I am a morning person. I like to get up early and try to do as much as possible in the mornings. In this two hours I have breakfast and do some tidying and cleaning. So I have this out of my way for the rest of the day.

8.00-10.00: In this phase I do big and difficult tasks which can take a while. At the moment I am writing job applications. So I am trying to write cover letters and do adjustments. For me this takes a lot of concentration and is most time consuming.

10.00-10.15: Time for a second coffee. I try to not exaggerate with drinking coffee. I don´t drink coffee during my working phases. When I work I drink tea or just water. That keeps my hydrated and helps me to stay focused. And if I am done with the most difficult task I indulge myself with a small espresso.

10.15-11.45: Here comes the second part. In this part I try to either finish my big projects nor begin with other projects that need more time and dedication. In my case I am writing blog posts, do some research for them and do some editing

11.45-13.00: Here comes the lunch break. One of my highlights of the day. I really take my time and enjoy my food. Very important to continue. And even if you are not the greatest lunch eater, I would recommend to take your time and really put your system on standby.

13.00-14.30: After the lunch break I need to admit that I have little down and my motivation is not on the top level. So I try to do more of the tasks, like for example replying to emails, comments and calls.

14.30-14.45: Time for another coffee.

14.45-17.00: This the hardest phase for me. I try to do the tasks,which are really fun. Most of the time I do a blog picture session. For me, the lightning is the best and I use the opportunity to take as much pictures as possible. After the photo session I immediately edit them. After editing I track my tasks, resume how my day went and think about next day´s tasks.

The rest of the day I pursuit my fitness routine, run errands and spend time with my friends and family. Again, I want to mention that I have days when it is not that organized. Don´t be too strict to yourself and don´t be disappointed when not everything is going according to your plan. Try to do better the next time. Try to work as much and hard as possible. Then you have no regrets and you can really enjoy your quality time, without having regrets.

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