Monday Motivation #1: 5 Motivation Tips

Monday Motivation #1

Happy Monday to all of you. I want to start a new category on my blog. I want to call it Monday Motivation. As Monday isn´t my favorite day of the week, I have difficulties to motivate myself for new week. So I thought I would start a new category that helps to kick off the week with some motivation tips and how to keep yourself motivated. This includes motivation for you good state of mind, for fitness and so on. I want to start the week positive connotations. The tips I am giving are not ground breaking, but for me it is really important to keep them in my mind and to repeat them every now and than. So let´s get rolling with five motivation tips.

1. Be an optimist: This tip is probably the most important and stands at the beginning of everything. Sometimes it can be hard to stay optimistic all the time, but I really try to see everything in a positive way, even if they are bad. Optimists are just happier and more successful. They always think about the future and not at the past on things that they can´t change anymore. Focus on your goals that are lying in front of you and go step by step towards the future.

2. Free your mind: Don´t limit yourself and fulfill your dreams. That might sound cheesy, but that´s the way it is. There are a lot of things that my block you from doing the things that you want, but it is all about releasing the mental hand break in you head and do the things you really want to do. If you are willing to work hard you can make your dream(s) come true. Nothing is just the way it is and unchangeable. There isn´t just one way of doing things. Take me as an example. I always was interested having my own blog, but I never actually did it. Until last year, when I asked myself: Why not? Why shouldn´t I give it a try? And I just did it and absolutely love it. I love all about blogging, not just the actual creation of content, also all processes behind it, like optimization and analysis. I was scared about a lot of things, but I did´t want the fear to limit me, so I just jumped into the cold water and started my own website.

3. Learn how to deal with emotional downs: This tip sounds a bit controversial, but it is a really helpful one. Although I try to stay optimistic, there are times where I feel devastated and sad, and that´s actually OK. In this case I am comparing the mind with the body. There are days where I try to push myself to do one more burpee, but it´s just not working. Your physical condition can´t be the same everyday. It depends on so many facts and circumstances. But you need to learn how to cope with downs, especially the emotional ones. Instead of being frustrated, I accept it. When you feel that your mind is not in the best state, take a pause and do something to lift your mood and get new energy. Try to start again, with new motivation and without feeling guilty of taking a break.

4. Have different role models: Typical role models are for example our family members But I find it really helpful to search for role models that are not family members nor very close friends. Think about other people you´ve met in your live who are inspiring to you. This doesn´t mean that the whole personality needs to be appearing to, but maybe there are just one or two things you think that this person handles really well or is very good at. Push yourself to the next level and break habits.

5. Get up and try again: When I think about this tip I always, always think about Shakira. A couple of years ago, I saw an interview with her, talking about how important it is to follow your dreams, no matter what other people say. In the she told how her choir master expelled her from the school choir, because the person didn´t like the way her singing. She told Shakira that she sounds like a goat. Can you imagine how devastated it is for a kid to hear something like this? But Shakira just kept going. If she listened to that person, she never would have become one of the biggest pop singers in the world. And that´s exactly how this works. If you fail, get up, put yourself together and do it again. Don´t try to please everybody. There will always be someone who doesn´t like what you are doing and the way you do it, but there will be the ones that will like it. Stay individual, be yourself and never ever give up.

This were my 5 most important tips on how to stay motivated. I hope this is helpful to you and gives you a good start to this week with a lot of motivation and positivity. Let me know in the comments, which are your ultimate tips to motivate yourself and to stay this way.

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